• Felt art accessories

    Arty Felt Accessories

    I promised I’d reveal what I’d decided to make with the hand-made felt I’d made, so here it is. I’ve always loved beautiful art accessories, (even if they are completely unnecessary), and one of my favourite gifts which I’ve received in recent years is a leather wrapped sketchbook, so I decided to create some more […]

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  • Felt Sheets Featured3

    Adventures in Felt-making Part 2

    I’ve been meaning to have a go at proper felt-making for a long time, and when I say a long time, I mean a long time, I estimate about 30 years in fact! I figured the time time was right, as I had plenty of wool fleece left over from making felt balls, so all […]

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  • Recycling Children's Artwork

    Creating Handmade Books from Recycled Children’s Artwork

    I think I have mentioned before how I have huge problems throwing any of my boys artwork away.  I know (and have acted on) all the advice to keep the best and sling the rest (well maybe not this one), to photograph or scan into the computer, and have photobooks made. But having done all […]

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  • Felt Balls Feature

    Adventures in Feltmaking

    I hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas – ours was wonderfully uneventful, offering time to pause and draw breath after the madness that was our run up to Christmas. A chance to catch up on the housework, spend time with the family and have lots of long lie ins. I even had the chance to […]

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  • Featured Artwork Mobile

    Children’s Artwork Mobile

    This project offers an alternative three-dimensional way to display children’s artwork. It’s a simple concept with multiple potential variations so you can make it as basic or as complicated as you like. I love it’s kinetic qualities, but unfortunately this made it astonishingly difficult to photograph properly, so all I can say is that the […]

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  • Old and New

    Children’s Art Gallery Walls – Old & New

    This week I thought I’d share with you our new Children’s Art Gallery Wall. This is to replace our previous Chalkboard Art Gallery, which we are now using more for creative drawing, messages etc. The new display uses 3 Hanging Wire Picture Holders, which are of course a variation of the traditional ‘washing line’ display, […]

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  • Photographing Children's Artwork

    Photographing Children’s Artwork

    All of the ‘bespoke’ children’s artwork for Artful Kids starts with a photograph, or copy of the original work. But as you can imagine, the finished product derived from that artwork is only as good as the original photograph. For the wall-art products which Artful Kids offers, customers can either scan in the artwork themselves […]

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  • art-cards

    Children’s Art Cards

    The summer holidays are over, and the kids are back at school – I will miss the morning lie-ins, but I confess that it’s with something of a sigh of relief that I’ve waved them back to school – at least now I can get on with the huge backlog of tasks that have lain […]

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Snowflake Colour-In Wrapping Paper

Each year I like to produce something as a Christmas ‘gift’ for readers, so this year’s offering is a snowflake colouring sheet which can also be used as a creative wrapping paper. Colour-in wrapping paper is I think amazingly versatile, offering lots of scope for personalisation by both the giver and the recipient. I think […]

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do what you love (3)

10 Activities for a Creative Christmas

Preparing for Christmas provides the perfect excuse (if any is needed!) to start making things, whether it be gifts, cards, decorations or even wrapping paper – the personal touch makes the finished product so much more meaningful, showing that someone has put time and effort into creating something unique. There is nothing more satisfying and […]

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Featured Custom Sketchbook

Custom Cover Sketchbooks

My love of hand-lettering continues apace – I find it incredibly therapeutic and relaxing – all you really need is paper and pencil, making it easy to pick up and put down, and very portable – ideal if you don’t have lots of art materials to hand. This project was inspired by my son telling […]

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