Hand & Footprint Poems

This week I thought I would share some poems to accompany children’s hand and foot prints for gift and display purposes.  You may have come across them before – I first saw them when my son came home from his first term at school with one printed next to his handprint, which had then been laminated and had a calendar attached to the bottom.  I researched them further as I thought they looked perfect added to a child’s photo and handprint, and it seems there are a whole lot of variations on a theme.  I’ve included a couple here, but many more can be found at the links given below:

Sometimes you get discouraged
Because I am so small
And always leave my fingerprints
On furniture and walls.

But everyday I’m growing
I’ll be grown up someday,
And all these little fingerprints
Will simply fade away
So here’s a special handprint
Just so you can recall
Exactly how my fingers looked
When I was very small
Find more hand & footprint poems at:


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