Introducing a New Look for Artful Adventures

Do you notice anything different? Yes, I’ve finally got around to updating the appearance of Artful Adventures.  It’s been something I’ve been planning to do for a long, long time, but after the chaos that was Christmas I decided to devote the first 3 months of this year to catching up with all those jobs both at home and with Artful Kids, which desperately needed doing but which had of necessity, been sadly neglected. One of the first fruits of this strategy is a brand new look for Artful Adventures. It’s still not perfect by any means, and there’s quite a few things I want to tweak, but if I waited till all those were done, it might be yet another year before it appeared!

Part of the aim of the redesign was to integrate Artful Adventures a little more with the Artful Kids site. I also wanted to encourage visitors who landed on one of the individual posts rather than the home page, to explore more of the wider site. With this in mind, one of my favourite features of the new look is the Gallery or as I have described it, my Visual Index of Projects, which sets them out all in one place. Overall the effect of the redesign is rather more minimal than the previous version – the idea being to showcase the content and images as much as possible.

I also wanted to use some of this catch-up time to work on developing some more of my own products for Artful Kids. I’ve got so many ideas floating about which I’ve never had time to work on properly, and currently have about 3 or 4 in progress. Some of these require me to find the time to sit down and actually draw, which always feels very self-indulgent to me! However hopefully I should be able to introduce one or two of these in the not too distant future.

Other jobs still to achieve include organising my email and digital files (something I’m really poor on) setting up some more detailed spreadsheets and systems for Artful Kids to make life a little easier as it grows, and making some improvements to the main website. Not to mention all those jobs around the house I need to tackle. So far I’ve managed to do some filing (which hadn’t been done for about a year), and have thrown out mountains of paper and old toys and clothes. I’ve got 2 months left to tackle the rest!!


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