New Hand-Painted Fairy Canvases

It can be difficult to find unique wall-art for children, and I am a great believer in offering children something more than the stock range of licensed characters that are the usual fare aimed at kids. Because of this we’re keen to develop  the currently somewhat limited range of wall-art for children available on Artful Kids.

So when I was contacted by an artist looking for new opportunities to sell her range of hand-painted personalised fairy canvases, I was happy to take a look at them with a view to adding them to the range of children’s wall-art currently offered by Artful Kids.




Created by artist and experienced illustrator Heather Moseley, the 30x30x1.5cm canvases are painted in acrylics with added glitter for sparkle, and are available in 3 different styles.  Each one has a charming delicacy which make them perfect for a little girl’s room, and in addition to personalising the canvas with the name of your choice,  Heather is happy to change the fairy’s hair style and colour to match that of the intended recipient, creating a very personal gift  that it is completely unique, signed by the artist and ready to hang.






If you are an artist who creates unique wall-art for children, whether it be canvases, watercolours or prints, and are looking for new outlets for your work, Artful Kids would be happy to hear from you. Artwork will be selected on the basis of offering a range of different styles and media which fit with the ethos of Artful Kids, and I’m particularly keen to expand the range of non-personalised artwork.

Meanwhile, if you have the time and the energy to create some DIY children’s Wall-Art, check out our Pinterest board devoted to the theme for inspiration.

2 Responses to “New Hand-Painted Fairy Canvases”
  1. angelina says:

    How much for a personalized art? And one that’s not?

  2. jude says:

    There is no difference in price, because the personalisation is offered free of charge. You can find details of price etc. at: