Children’s Art Gallery Walls – Old & New

This week I thought I’d share with you our new Children’s Art Gallery Wall. This is to replace our previous Chalkboard Art Gallery, which we are now using more for creative drawing, messages etc. The new display uses 3 Hanging Wire Picture Holders, which are of course a variation of the traditional ‘washing line’ display, using steel wire and clips, only this one uses a vertical wire, weighted at the bottom, with tiny strong magnets to hold the pieces of artwork in place. I love it’s flexibility – artwork can be changed or adjusted (slid up or down the cable) really easily, and you can have just one vertical display, or a whole wall of them for maximum effect. It doesn’t require any fixings on the wall itself – I suspended ours from self-adhesive mini-hooks on the cornice, which were originally placed there to support Christmas lights. The cable and magnets don’t cost a great deal and of course you don’t have to use them just for artwork – you can just as easily use them for photographs, cards, or anything else made of paper!


chalkboard gallery

Our previous Gallery Wall which is now used for impromptu drawings and messages.



The new Gallery Wall, which uses a really flexible hanging system.


If you want to create your own Children’s Art Gallery Wall, you can find the Hanging Wire Picture Holders here in the Frames & Display ideas section of the Artful Kids store.

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7 Responses to “Children’s Art Gallery Walls – Old & New”
  1. oh… i love the new gallery wall!

  2. jude says:

    Thanks – me too!

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