Drawing Projects with Children – a Review

There are no shortage of practical books about art out there for children, but speaking as someone whose first love in art is drawing, I was curious to review Drawing Projects for Children by Paula Briggs, (published by Black Dog) as there are not so many which focus on the act of drawing itself. This is […]

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Fingerpainting with a Difference!

As you may know, we always believe in test-driving as many items as possible which we feature in the Artful Kids store, and while Artful Kids is not intended to be a children’s art supplies store, this product was one which looked like lots of fun, and we thought that our customers might be interested […]

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Experimenting with Gelli Plates

Welcome to 2015 – after a peaceful Christmas this is going to be an exciting year for Artful Kids with some big events on the horizon, which I’ll be sharing in due course. Of course we also have lots of smaller plans for improvements to the store, both in terms of the range that we […]

The Little Factory of Illustration

It seems like reviews are a bit like buses on here at the moment – none for months and months, then 3 turn up at once. This was another case of an unusual and attractive product that seemed entirely appropriate for Artful Adventures to review. However I promise that the next post will not be […]

Introducing Snappets

A few of you may have seen these around the internet recently, as the inventor, Zachary Opaskar has been trying to raise funds via a Kickstarter project, to put them into full production, so apologies to those of you to whom these are not new.  There are some fabulous creative projects on Kickstarter and the […]

Review – Origami For All

The whole recent trend for origami has been passing me by somewhat. I became interested in it as a child when it was popular back in the 1970’s (yes I am THAT old) but struggled somewhat to do most of the projects by myself – perhaps I wasn’t old enough, or more likely, as I […]

Artful Excursions – Light Show

We’ve just returned from our first ever family trip to London – just for a few days (which of course is nowhere near long enough), and a very damp, snowy and cold few days it was, but a great experience none the less, given that we were indoors for most of the time anyway. We […]

Fill in the Blank


I don’t often do reviews on Artful Adventures, in fact I think it’s been about a year since I last did one, at least in response to a direct invitation. This is partly because I don’t seek such invitations, and partly because those products which I am offered for review are rarely either relevant to […]

Art Cards for Baby


You’re never too young to be introduced to art, but it has to be said that when you’re a really small baby, the opportunity to develop your art appreciation skills is not always catered for. But then how much can a small baby actually see? There’s been a great deal of research carried out in […]

Happy Accidents – or Catalysts for Creativity


‘By looking attentively at old and smeared walls, or stones and veined marble of various colours, you may fancy that you see in them several compositions, landscapes, battles, figures in quick motion, strange countenances, and dresses, with an infinity of other objects.  By these confused lines, the inventive genius is excited to new exertions’. These […]