Flower Fairy Fashions


Warning – if you don’t like fairies, then look away now, as this is an unashamedly girly post. As the mother of boys, I don’t often have the opportunity to indulge my well hidden girly side, but today I’m going to do it. I confess that I’ve always had a soft spot for flower fairies, […]

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3 Ways to paint with Bubbles


Bubble painting is a classic children’s art activity, and it’s easy to see why – it’s easy, cheap, kids love it, and the results are pretty good too, but bubbles are also amazingly versatile, we’ve tried 3 different techniques now, and each one has distinctively different results.   Bubble Painting #1     The first […]

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Graffiti Giftwrap


It’s heading towards mid-November already, and I need to start thinking about getting things organised for Christmas. Over the last 12 months or so, I have discovered that I love decorating paper – creating gorgeous effects with paper, paint, crayons, and whatever else I have to hand, so this year I thought it would be […]

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Halloween Scanner Art


As the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder, the shops start to fill up with Halloween related products. In the UK this is a relatively recent phenomenon – when I was a child, although we were aware of Halloween, it wasn’t much ‘celebrated’ as such – there were few parties, and no trick […]

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Watercolour Spray Inks


Ever since I first heard about watercolour sprays, I’ve been wanting to try them out. The ones you can buy ready-made are I discovered quite expensive, so I decided to create my own using the new powdered water-colour inks I’ve recently treated myself to. That way I can control the dilution I want, mix the […]

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Forest Critters


We were inspired to take part in Mommy Labs Forest Fiesta blog-hop to create some artwork which celebrates the forest.  I love trees, and miss them hugely when they’re not around. (I once lived somewhere with very few!) I am now lucky to live somewhere with lots of mature trees around, and find them a […]

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Arty Parties


There are a wealth of parties for children available out there these days, with lots of different themes.  So I thought I’d take a look this week at parties with an art theme, or ‘arty parties’.  There are a number of suppliers out who will create a party of this kind for you, but often […]

Father’s Day Cards

There’s not long to go now until Father’s Day, so we (or perhaps on this occasion I should say ‘I’) have been busy creating in readiness.  This time I have produced a basic colouring sheet that can be used to create a simple A4 size card, which can be decorated however you like, depending on […]