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Father’s Day Cards

There’s not long to go now until Father’s Day, so we (or perhaps on this occasion I should say ‘I’) have been busy creating in readiness.  This time I have produced a basic colouring sheet that can be used to create a simple A4 size card, which can be decorated however you like, depending on the age of the child.  I’ve also produced a smaller ‘DAD’ version, which older children might prefer.  These can be found below – just click on each image to open it up then right click to download.




Dad Template

I used gel pens to embellish and decorate the lettering itself, because I wanted detail and a ‘doodled’ style, but felt-tips or pencil crayons could be used instead.  I experimented with 2 versions, both of which I trimmed using decorative edge scissors, and mounted onto a piece of A3 card, folded in half.  The colour version has added gold sticker stars, contributed by my 3 year old, while the black and white version (which I think is my favourite) has added drawings in white gel pen, contributed by my 5 year old.  He’s longing to colour it in now, so I’ll probably let him do so for Sunday, even though it will offend my artistic sensibilities!