Shadow Box Art Materials Display

Take me to an art or craft shop, and I’ll be there, drooling over the rows of coloured paints and pencils, the sparkling glitter, bright beads and reams of paper.  The myriad of shapes, textures and colours is intoxicating to me, so when I came across one of these box frames divided into compartments, which had been reduced to half price, it seemed quite natural to fill it with some of the art materials which we have so many of at home.  Of course you could fill one of  these with whatever you want – it doesn’t have to be art materials, you could give it a different theme such as textiles (knitting wools, fabrics, threads etc.) or cooking, (dried seeds, spices, pasta and pulses).  In fact there doesn’t have to be any theme at all if you want to create a more considered composition purely in terms of the colours, tones and textures that you use.  I have to say that I didn’t attempt to do any of this – I just used what we had in random fashion, and I’m planning to hang it above the kids art materials storage area.

I’m quite keen to do another for myself now, this time without a theme to create an artwork in it’s own right,  only I had the last one in the shop to make this, and haven’t been able to find any more at a reasonable price.