Gorgeous Glue & Glitter Cards

This project is simple in the extreme – but for me the best projects are always those that provide fantastic results with the minimum of effort.

To create these glitter notecards (they could equally well be bookmarks or gift tags, depending on how you cut them up) I used a stiff black card, which needs to be stiff enough to resist buckling when wet. You can of course use any colour card you wish, and I found that using the same colour glitter as the card base to create a white on white design for example or black on black looked especially stylish. While you could use glitter glue to try and create a similar effect, I found that the density of glitter was much greater using this approach, and that it was easier to create a looser and more fluid design.




PVA glue was used to draw the design, squeezing it directly out of the bottle in loose squiggles and scribbles onto A4 sheets of card resting on silicone release paper (the kind that stickers or sticky labels are mounted on). The silicone release paper is important because it means that you can go right over the edges of the card with the glue, creating a better all over design that is not constricted by the edges. If you don’t use silicone release paper for this, you will find you glue the card to whatever it is resting on, making it difficult to remove without tearing.

Glitter was then sprinkled over the design, and I means LOTS and LOTS of it. In fact a complete small pot was used on each sheet so the glue was completely smothered, before leaving it all to dry. This is not as extravagant as it sounds, because once dry, most of the glitter can be shaken off onto a sheet of paper, and funnelled straight back into the pot for use again.

The A4 sheets were then trimmed and cut up into 4 smaller notecards – sharp scissors are needed for this in order to cut effectively through the glue and glitter areas. I also pressed the reverse of the cards with an iron over a cloth, to ensure that they were completely flat, though you may not need to do this if the card is thick enough.



I think these would make a lovely gift idea tied with a ribbon and accompanied by matching envelopes and a metallic pen.