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Postage Stamp Christmas Wrap

Christmas is creeping up ever closer, and for the last few years I’ve tried to offer readers a Christmas gift in the form of a seasonal free printable. I think I must have forgotten in 2013, but in 2012 it was 3 sheets of vintage Christmas wrapping paper, and the year before a printable Christmas Tree template to decorate. This year I’ve put together some sheets of Postage Stamp Christmas wrap using the scanner – one of my favourite tools for art making. My Dad has always collected stamps, but he was having a clear out recently and offered me a large number of Christmas stamps that he’d collected over the years, mainly British and European, but some from further afield. As you might be able to tell, some of these go back a few years – after all it’s been many years since the price of a first class stamp was just 7p!



There are 3 sheets with different backgrounds (the stamps were just lightly collaged onto different paper backgrounds before scanning). One has a ‘snowpaper’ background, created using watercolour and spatters of white acrylic paint, another has a plain green paper background, and the last has a plain white paper background. They are all just big enough to wrap small presents in.

To print the paper, just click on the image, then right click to download for printing.