Creative Teacher Gift Bags

It’s that time of year again, and for us, the end of an era as my eldest finishes primary school and moves on to pastures new. As he described it, the last day was one of the happiest days of his life, but also one of the saddest as members of the class go their separate ways. Email and phone numbers have been exchanged, and hopefully nowadays there is no excuse for not keeping in touch. It is a particularly busy time for us, which the complete lack of recent activity on this blog testifies to, as we prepare to take the opportunity of the enforced change to relocate both home and business. So in just a few weeks time we will be ditching city life for a more rural existence in the picturesque surroundings of the east coast of Scotland. There is a huge amount to do, and not a lot of time to do it in.

In amongst the ever growing list of things to do, was the task of presenting small gifts to the boys teachers at school. I managed to pick up a couple of suitable items, but they were bulky and difficult to wrap. I didn’t have time to buy gift bags, or to make any, but I remembered that in amongst my large stache of art and craft materials I had a couple of plain cotton drawstring bags, and some fabric pens. We used the ‘Stained by Sharpie’pens which are very rich in colour, and which we have used before for customising shoes.

I always think it is nice for children to personalise their teacher gifts in some way, and put something into it themselves, so I let them get to work decorating them with the pens. My eldest son’s bag was I think inspired by the Tom Gates school of art (I love the way those books encourage boys to draw, both my boys love them and have the full set.




I was pleased with the overall result which solved a problem and worked very well and I think they’re a great way of creating an additional gift from the packaging, which can be used again for other things.

I suspect that this will be the last post you will see before our move to Scotland. Once we have arrived I will share some photographs – and I am looking forward to hopefully taking advantage of the beautiful surroundings to get out and paint again!


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