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There is often a tendency to treat Art and Science as two completely unrelated subjects at opposite ends of the educational spectrum but it has always seemed to me that this is an incredibly blinkered approach. Many artists throughout history have been fascinated by the latest scientific discoveries and theories, and have experimented with different ways of seeing, colour theory, optics, new pigments and new technology – constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Perhaps the most famous artist to do this was Leonardo da Vinci, whose drawings and inventions, some of which anticipated future technology by several centuries, are both ingenious and incredibly beautiful.


Many of Leonardo’s original inventions are contained within the Codex Atlanticus


With this in mind Artful Kids is now stocking a range of Leonardo da Vinci wooden Model Kits (made from natural timber from sustainable forests) inspired by Leonardo’s drawings, which each enable older children or adults to create a fully working model of one of his inventions. There  are 4 in the range as follows:

  • The Catapult (can fling small clay balls about 4 metres).

Leonardo Catapult

  • The Trebuchet (a medieval siege engine re-designed by Leonardo and also capable of flinging small missiles about 4 metres).

Leonardo Trebuchet

  • The Aerial Screw (precursor to the Helicopter)

Leonardo Helicopter

  • And last but not least, the Ornithopter (my personal favourite).

Leonardo Ornithopter

Each kit contains pieces which are pre-cut and ready to go, and parts are pegged for extra strength.


Leonardo’s original working drawing for his Aerial Screw.


Kits are suitable for children aged about 9 and over, and can be constructed in an hour or two.

As an introductory offer, we are giving customers 10% off the kits until the end of October only. Perfect if you want to get some early Christmas shopping in!

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