10 Activities for a Creative Christmas

Preparing for Christmas provides the perfect excuse (if any is needed!) to start making things, whether it be gifts, cards, decorations or even wrapping paper – the personal touch makes the finished product so much more meaningful, showing that someone has put time and effort into creating something unique. There is nothing more satisfying and enjoyable than creating your own Christmas items – and often saving money in the process!

The activities and products listed here will all contribute to a more creative Christmas – Click on the links listed below to see more:

  1. Decorative Foil Seals
  2. Finger Puppet Christmas Cards
  3. A Card with A View
  4. Colour in Christmas Crackers
  5. Masterpiece Christmas Card
  6. Mini Mosaic Ornaments
  7. Colour in Christmas Tree Poster
  8. Miniature Christmas Trees to Decorate (free template to download)
  9. Thumbprint Gift Tags
  10. Snowpaper