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Funky Fish Kids Art Collage

This is a really simple but versatile activity which is great for using up odd scraps of paper, whether it be pieces of painted paper, children’s discarded artwork, wrapping paper or even sweet wrappers. Apart from this, all you need is a Medium Circle Paper Punch (we actually used 2 for the different sized fish, measuring 1.5cm and 1cm), some glue and pieces of coloured or painted thin card for the fish base.

It’s also a great ‘drop-in’ activity or collaborative project. Each child can choose a plain card fish and they can then create something of their own which can be combined as part of a larger group artwork. Perfect for arty parties too, as it creates a finished product that a child can take home, is not too messy, and is quick to dry. Alternatively, if both sides of the fish are decorated they can also be used to create a decorative mobile, either individually or as a group, with the fish suspended from threads so that they are ‘swimming’ in the air. I decided to display our fish on some of the decorative bubble paper I still have left from an earlier project, which is perfect for underwater scenes.

All you have to remember when making these, is that if you want to create the best ‘finish’ you will need to overlap the individual circles as you stick them on. As you can see in the photograph, I started from the outside and continued round in decreasing circles, each circle slightly overlapping the previous one until I reached the middle. Small children would not be able to achieve this, but it doesn’t really matter, because they’ll still have fun sticking the circles onto the fish.



To finish, you can add a sparkly eye by using a sequin or a dab of glitter glue, and I also decorated the fins with a silver gel pen. However there are no hard or fast rules here!



I have added a template for 3 different sizes of fish below (just click on the link below the image to download it). The smaller fish are of course much quicker to create than the larger, though we did use a smaller sized hole punch for the smallest. However there’s nothing to stop you creating a wider variety of more exotic fish for kids to choose from if you want to! If you want to use the template, just click on the image below, then right click to download for printing.


Template for Funky Fish Project


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