Kids Artwork Christmas Keepsake Baubles

I have always loved the creative potential of empty clear glass baubles – I have seen lots of beautiful ideas for filling them with paint or glitter for example, including special messages in them, or using them as a memory jar. So having acquired a few of them recently I was keen to use them on the tree this year, but didn’t have a great deal of time to spend on filling them.



So I decided to simply use some old pieces of my boys’ artwork to fill the baubles – it was very easy to do, and the finished result can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be. I tore strips off the artworks, selecting colour, style and texture to create a 3-dimensional composition in its own right within the glass. So for example I restricted one to watercolours, another to shades of green with the occasional complementary splash of red to create a bit of zing, and I made another with neon shades. You can of course add anything you want – I experimented with adding a sprinkle of glitter in one, and I think a few pieces of gold or silver paper might be worth trying too. I also used a wooden skewer to move the paper within the bauble to create the composition I wanted, so it wasn’t entirely random – but then I am a control freak!



The finished baubles are both meaningful and artistic, and I think look fabulous on our tree.



I hope you all have a very happy, peaceful and creative Christmas, and will be back again in the New Year!