Back Online

Just a quick update to all those who might have been wondering what had happened to Artful Kids, after 3 months of completely unplanned absence. Various technical problems with the new Directory meant that very soon after launching, the whole thing had to come off again for a complete redesign. The redesign itself then ran into a new, completely different set of problems, so that too has now been abandoned. As a result, the Directory has been put onto temporary hold, and Artful Kids has gone back to its blogging roots. Normal business will be resumed shortly, and I have to say that a period of simple creative blogging for the time being is very appealing! I will be taking some time to assess how the Directory can be taken forward in the future in a much simpler, more sustainable way, but in the meantime I look forward to sharing very soon a whole new set of creative projects and activities to make up for lost time!

As a taster I have included an image of a project my son created as part of an exploration of reflections/shadows. I always think this is such a rich area to explore, and have collected quite a few ideas around the theme on a dedicated Pinterest board if anyone wants to check it out…