Artful Kids Mini Christmas Pop-up Shop

It’s been almost a year since the Artful Kids online store closed its doors. While the effect has been personally liberating in allowing more creative time, there have also been some side-effects in that I have experienced huge difficulty in breaking the habit of seeking out and sharing wonderful creative products in a meaningful way. I have experimented with different ways of dealing with this, from the short-lived Directory, to the new Artful Kids Amazon Affiliate Shop, but none of these have quite managed to scratch the itch. 

So as a way of addressing this, I am launching the Artful Kids Mini Christmas Pop-up Shop. For 6 weeks only, this shop will offer a small range of products to customers old and new. If this idea works for me, I will look to do it again periodically next year too. Hopefully this will offer the best of both worlds in attempting to achieve the elusive balance I’m looking for!

You can check out the Pop-up shop below…