The Artful Kids Christmas Gift Guide 2019

So it is that time of year again, and it has become something of an annual tradition to offer up a creative Christmas gift guide here each year. This year I will be selecting items mainly from the Artful Kids Mini Christmas Pop-Up Shop, and also from the Artful Kids Amazon Affiliate Store (from which I earn a small commission on each purchase). It’s a somewhat eclectic mix, from low-cost stocking fillers, to heirloom toys, from inspirational art materials suitable for all ages, to items specifically suitable for younger children. I hope you enjoy browsing the selection as much as I have enjoyed putting it together! Remember these are just specially selected highlights, and if you need more ideas there’s more to see in the Artful Kids stores listed above.

Stocking Fillers from Artful Kids

Creative Games

A super-portable family friendly card game for 4 to 40 players. Draw, act or describe your way to victory!

A family game with crafty questions and colourful answers.

This kit contains everything a child needs to create their own board game.

Products for Creative Kids

Sticklets are an ingenious product that allows kids to fix found sticks together to build their own fort/den.

What a lovely way to display your pencil crayon collection. I want one!

This kit helps kids bring their dough collections to life!

Inspirational Art Materials

If you’ve ever been inspired to try your hand at pour painting, these kits make it easy to dip your toe into the water. This one uses acrylic ink.

This portable watercolour set manages to pack a lot of paint into a small space, and is perfect for artists on the go…

One of my favourite art materials, I can personally recommend Brusho colours – they are wonderfully versatile for a range of creative techniques. This pack inclues 6 colours and a water spray bottle

Beautiful Blocks

I confess I have a weakness for heirloom blocks. As beautiful as they are creative, these blocks are definitely not just for kids!

These balancing blocks are a little more challenging than your average square or rectangular shaped blocks!

Areaware produce a number of different sets of Archiblocks – allowing you to indulge your inner architect.

Created by German company Grimm, this is just one of a collection of beautiful colourful heirloom blocks and wooden toys which they produce.

The Artful Kids Creative Christmas Gift Guide 2019