Vintage Christmas Fairy Doll Printable

Over the years I have always tried to add a free printable project at Christmas – I’m not sure I’ve managed it quite every year, but I recently came across this Christmas Fairy Doll in my collection of vintage items. It dates I think to the 1930’s. The original is pretty small, so I’m not sure if the original intention was for it to be scaled up manually, but today at least in the digital era, it should be rather easier to enlarge!

To use, download the image, print out, attach the fairy onto lightweight card – I used double-sided adhesive film for this (affiliate link), customise and cut her out. For the outfits, there is no need to paste these to card first and they can be customised with colouring pencils, glitter, paint, and collage as desired.

Please note, this is quite a fiddly project, so is not recommended for younger children. Also, cutting out requires a pair of sharp scissors and a very sharp knife. I found I needed to make a few minor adaptations along the way, for example the stand for the fairy as shown on the printout, turned out to be pretty rubbish, so I created my own!

Wishing everyone a happy and creative Christmas

Xmas Fairy1
Click on the image to open it, then right click to download

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