Hi – my name is Jude, and I am the owner of Artful Kids.  I have been passionate about art and creativity for my entire life.

Initially I pursued a degree in Fine Art, but then entered a completely different career and found very little time to keep painting. It wasn’t until I had my own children that I was able to change focus, and Artful Kids was founded as an online Children’s Art & Creativity Boutique with accompanying blog. 

I discovered that I loved seeking out and sharing unusual products related to children’s art and creativity.  I also discovered a love of children’s art, and the freshness and spontaneity that it offered.

The store ran for 10 years while my kids were still small. However as time went on and the business grew, I found that the administration and management required by a retail business of any size, began to take me away from creating art myself again, so at the end of 2018, I took the big decision to close the store, so that in future I could spend less time on management and administration, and more time doing the things I love. As you get older you realise that life is too short not to do this if you possibly can, and better late than never!

Artful Kids has therefore returned to its blogging roots, and I am taking the opportunity to focus more on creative activities. While I have always been driven to create art myself, setting up and taking part in creative activities with my own children while they were small taught me to experiment more, to enjoy the process of art for it’s own sake, and to be less concerned with controlling the finished result. 

While the Artful Kids blog continues to focus on sharing art activities and products for the Young at Art, the projects created for the blog give me the creative freedom to try new ideas, which in turn enriches and refreshes my own art practice. 

In addition to the blog I also have an online presence elsewhere encompassing a wider range of creative activities as listed below…

J Drever Studio

J Drever Studio on Etsy is my new outlet for selling my personal artwork.

In 2018 I started exploring a new medium in the form of kiln fired glass art – I love the way it allows you to ‘paint with light’. As my skills develop I will be adding glass pieces to the Etsy store alongside other artwork in mixed media.

There is also a Facebook page for my studio, which acts as a gallery and source of information about new work.

Artful Kids also has its own Facebook Page, where I share not only items from the blog, but also any other art-themed items of interest that I come across on my travels around the internet and which never make it to the blog.

I also have an Instagram profile. As time goes on I plan to use Instagram more for my own artwork.

I was a fairly early adopter of Pinterest, and am pretty addicted. Again, it tends to cover not just children’s art and crafts, but has an art and creativity theme in general, along with a few other useful boards along the way. For me, Pinterest is not so much a promotional tool but more a way of life!

In order to scratch my curatorial itch I now have an Amazon affiliate store – since you can get most things on Amazon these days it allows me to easily share items I love or find particularly useful, and potentially earn a few pennies at the same time. 

Thanks for Visiting!