Art Photobooks

As the stack of artwork created by my children increases, I’ve been trying to devise ways of keeping and displaying the best, while being a little more ruthless about discarding the rest.  I’ve already mentioned the Art Portfolio posters which were one response to this, but another approach I’ve taken is to have some made up into Art photobooks – one for each child.  The idea being that every couple of years or so I have another made.  I love photobooks, they’re a wonderful way of displaying your photos at their best, and many companies offer lots of creative opportunities to personalise them further with colours, backgrounds, frames and of course text.  This time I chose because I thought they were reasonably priced, offered a fair amount of creative opportunity, and a good choice of book styles.  The process of creating and ordering was pretty straight forward, though I did run into a couple of issues with Firefox.  The problems disappeared however when I used Internet Explorer instead.  I’ve been really pleased with the result, so I thought I’d share them here.