Here Comes Summer

Well I hope so anyway. As the weather has started to improve thoughts go to creative activities suitable for outdoors. Summer is the perfect time for so many creative activities with or without children. Messy activities can be taken outdoors where damage can’t be caused, there are pavements and patios to draw on, land-art to create, and raw materials for future creative projects to be foraged and collected. In readiness for the Summer we’ve also  recently added some more summer themed creative products to the Artful Kids store, so I thought I’d do a mini round-up of just a few, with links to further resources and inspiration.



If you follow Artful Kids on facebook, then you’ll already have seen these den-making kits which we recently added to the store. I’m sure lots of us have fond memories of constructing dens (or forts) both indoors and out during our childhood. These kits are designed to make it easier for children to do just that, without causing any damage, by attaching the different components to furniture, walls, windows and trees, and then throwing a sheet over. We have them available in 2 sizes – a starter or Small kit (where you supply your own sheet) which contains the basic fixings, and the Ultimate kit, which contains a wider range of components and also includes a special decorative sheet. Perfect as a creative and fun gift idea which can be used again and again.





If you’ve not tried making cyanotypes or sunprints before, it’s a wonderful creative activity for the Summer. It’s a good introduction to photography which provides lots of fun, by experimenting to see what effects you can get. All that is required is a pack of the special paper, and your choice of objects or material to use as a mask. Following exposure to sunlight the image is developed, and turns a beautiful shade of blue, using just plain water. The finished results can be stunning, creating an ethereal ghostly image where the paper was protected from the sunlight by the mask. Artful Kids stocks a beautiful pre-treated quality watercolour style sunpaper which is ready for use. You can find out more, and view our first attempts at making cyanotypes a few years ago, here.




Watercolour Postcards

As the holidays approach and travel plans are finalised, it’s worth taking the time to pack some sketchbooks and pads as well as a camera, to record your experiences and satisfy those creative urges. These Watercolour Postcard Pads are a great idea as they allow you to create your own unique personalised postcards to send to friends and relatives. Made from 350gsm textured watercolour paper, they are blank on one side, and have a printed postcard template on the reverse for you to add the address and message as usual. Artful Kids also stocks a range of handy sized artists travel journals, including one with alternate lined and blank paper for both writing and artwork.


Watercolour Postcards



As the weather gets warmer, and T-shirt weather becomes the norm, it’s an ideal time to show off some temporary tattoos. We’ve added a few more to the store recently, including special Father’s Day tattoos, Party Pack tattoos, Birthday tattoos, and these Sea themed tattoos, just right for wearing at the seaside. Alternatively children can have a go at making their own – find out more here.


WG - Fox Tattoo on ArmS_sea


Beach Art

And if you’re visiting the beach, why not create some Beach Art while you’re there. Further inspiration and suggestions can be found here. Don’t forget to collect some pebbles, shells, sea-glass and driftwood for more creative activities once you get back home too!


FireShot capture #014 - 'Land Art for Kids - Pebble Fish on Flickr - Photo Sharing!' - www_flickr_com_photos_landartforkids_4121216707

Photo Courtesy of Julia Brooklyn, Flickr.


For further creative holiday ideas, why not take a look at our Pinterest Board ‘The Art of Travel’.

PS   The artwork at the top of the page depicting a sunny beach, was created on the iPad by my then 4 year old.  Another useful and portable tool for creating endless artwork while travelling….