10+ Gift Ideas Perfect for Colouring Enthusiasts

As Christmas approaches, I thought I would share a few ideas we have in store for creative gift-wrapping and colouring gifts for those who love to colour.

  • We now have a range of Christmas colouring papers for gift-wrapping, perfect for wrapping a colouring book. The Christmas Colour-In Gift-Wrap is available as a set of 3 different designs, with each sheet measuring 60 x 42cm approx.



  • Alternatively we also have Boxed Sets of colour-in Christmas wrapping paper which contain 2 sheets of paper in a single design, with a set of 4 felt-tip pens. A lovely small gift for children on the run-up to Christmas.

  • Why not incorporate some pens or pencil crayons into the gift-wrap? I found the addition of Glue Dots
    to each pen helped to keep them in place beneath the tied ribbon, or you can simply use a strip of decorative tape and dispense with the ribbon entirely if you prefer.


  • As an alternative to using decorative ribbon, you could add Sketchbook Bands to your gifts. Available in various sizes, these are really useful to keep sketchbooks, notebooks, journals and colouring books firmly closed while they’re being carried about, making it less likely that pages will get bent or damaged.
  • If you or your kids are feeling especially creative, why not wrap your gift in plain white paper, and create the drawings yourself, providing a small set of pens or pencil crayons as a fun invitation to colour them in. Or if you have a very small gift, how about the Snowflake Colouring Paper which we offered last Christmas, and which is still available to download and print out free of charge.




  • For more colouring with a festive theme, we have DIY colour-in Christmas Crackers, or these giant Christmas Tree Colouring Posters.


  • In addition to the colouring papers, we also now have sets of Doodle Washi Tape available which you can add to a gift ready for colouring – these are available in 2 sizes, and are offered as a set of 3 different designs. These can be used with plain wrapping papers, or to create decorative gift tags or personalised notebooks as a simple gift.


  • If you want a truly unique small creative gift for the colouring enthusiast, we have also put together a Creative Colouring Gift bundle. This consists of a set of 3 Pocket-Eco Sketchbooks (plain pages, with recycled paper and covers), a pack of Twig Pencil Crayons, a roll of Doodle Washi Tape and a Sketchbook Band.



  • A larger gift idea, which is both practical and fun for kids are these pure cotton Colour-In Duvet Sets – available with different images for boys and girls, which come complete with a set of washable pens, so the designs can be coloured in again and again.



  • If you’re looking for a small stocking filler colouring gift for the travelling colouring enthusiast, these Mini Doodle Kits are the perfect solution – small and compact, they can be carried easily in a pocket or handbag. Alternatively these Colour-In Temporary Tattoos are another suggestion for younger children.

Happy Colouring!

Disclaimer: post contains some affiliate links.