New DIY Children’s Art Mats

Our existing custom Children’s Art Mats have long been popular as a gift idea for grandparents especially. However they are not particularly ideal for children to use themselves, being made of toughened glass, in a standard placemat size. So we have now introduced some lower cost DIY Children’s Art Mats which are suitable as a place mat for kids, while displaying their own artwork. Complete with cut out labels which can be personalised to further enhance the mat, and a gallery template which can be used in the mats as an alternative to a piece of pre-existing artwork, the wipe clean mats come in either singly or in a pack of 2.


DIY Childrens Art Mats


Designed to display artwork up to A3 in size, the large format mats offer lots of creative options for display, so instead of displaying a single piece of artwork, there is room if you prefer to display 2 smaller pieces along with a photograph or custom label, using a plain or textured piece of coloured paper as a background support. I think they would also be a wonderful way of preserving holiday memories along with photos, tickets, artwork etc…

The mats presented us with a great opportuity to get really creative and create something specially for them, so I decided to create 2 mats using both photographs and artwork. For the first I used a favourite existing piece created by my younger son, and added a cut out photograph which I scaled to an appropriate size before printing out and adding to the artwork so that it appeared to be part of the scene. For the second mat I used the Funky Fish collage we created for an earlier project, on a support of bubble paper. For this photograph, my elder son had to pose with swimming goggles to create the appropriate image to cut out and use.


Rainbow Art Mat


Undersea Art Mat


DIY Children's Art Mats


I’m really pleased with the finished mats – they look great, the kids love them and they are really practical. If you want to try them out for yourself, you can get hold of them here.