Over the last 10 years, Artful Kids has developed a dedicated online following amongst a targeted audience of parents, teachers and others who have a particular interest in children’s art and creativity. With a strong following both online and on social media we are well placed to help businesses who offer products or services related to children’s art and creativity, to reach this audience.
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Low cost basic single listing


Multi-listing option available for up to 3 products.


Featured listing opportunity also available.


No commission on sales.


Targeted promotion to an established audience interested in children’s Art & Creativity.


Full control via your own personal data dashboard with analytics.


  • The Directory works on a product by product listing basis. This means it is the individual products themselves which will be featured and promoted on Artful Kids, rather than the business listing them. However the product link will direct potential customers to your own site for purchase, and no commission is taken by Artful Kids. Your business takes 100% of the value of the order.

  • Artful Kids will curate and promote the listings on the Artful Kids blog, and by any other means we deem appropriate.

  • If you have purchased a Featured Listing, your listing will have additional prominence on the blog – for example on the home page, and on individual popular posts of the blog. Featured listings will also be given additional promotion through our social media.

  • Limited places are available in the Directory in order to maintain the quality of the listings and keep the Directory manageable.


  • As long as your product or service relates to children’s art or creativity in some way, we can include it. These might range from an art themed magazine or blog aimed at children or educators, an arts and crafts activity subscription service, books, magazines, events and activities, art classes, products featuring children’s drawings, creative apps, creativity kits, and so on. The directory is divided into sections and your product or service will feature in the most relevant section.

  • We accept submissions from anywhere in the world – however your website should be accessible to English speakers, as 75% of our readership is in English speaking countries.


  • Click on the ‘View Listing Options’ button below to view the packages available, and choose the one you prefer.
  • Complete the listing form and upload your images.
  • A user account will automatically be created for you, and you will be able to preview and approve your listing on the site.
  • Once you have approved your listing, you will be taken to Paypal to pay for the listing package you have chosen.
  • Your submission will be reviewed, and if accepted, your payment will be taken and your listing will then go live on the site. If the submission is considered to be unsuitable your order will be cancelled and payment will not be taken. We aim to review all listings within 3 working days.
  • For further information, please see our more detailed instructions for How to List your Product.

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