Art Blocks for Babies: Wee Gallery Play House


Set of 4 Art Blocks for Babies featuring high contrast black and white artwork


Product Description

Use these Art Blocks for Babies as a visual tool for young babies, then once your baby is ready to explore, the blocks will help improve to improve their motor skills, and eventually challenge them to solve a simple puzzle.

Art Blocks for Babies are a flexible toy suitable for babies and young children from birth to 4 years old, as well as providing a beautifully decorative addition to the nursery.

Available in 3 different themes:

PLAY: Includes a bear, lamb, smiling heart, bunny, penguin and the letters P-L-A-Y

WILD: Includes a lion, tiger leopard, smiling sun, parrot and the letters W-I-L-D

GROW: Includes an owl, fox, badger, hamster, smiling star and the letters G-R-O-W (currently out of stock)

Each block is made from sturdy card and measures approx 7.5cm on each side.


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