3D Hypotrochoid Art Set


Everything you need to create 3D Hypotrochoid Art contained in a compact tin.

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Combining art with maths and science, this 3D Hypotrochoid Art Set contains the templates and gears needed to create beautiful mathematical shapes, a pair of 3D ChromaDepth specs, plus red, green and blue pens.

Hypotrochoids are mathematical curves traced by a point in a circle (your pen) rolling around the inside of a bigger circle. These curves have been studied by mathematicians for centuries. Hypotrochoid formulas are complicated, but creating hypotrochoid art is easy and fun!

Ideal low price gift for kids.

Suitable for children aged 6 and over.

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Weight 0.155 kg
Dimensions 22 × 9 × 3 cm
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