Creative Colouring Gift Bundle


A unique Creative Colouring Gift Bundle, for the colouring enthusiast.

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We’ve put together this unique Creative Colouring Gift Bundle to provide a simple solution for a small creative gift for the colouring enthusiast. Consisting of a set of 3 Pocket Eco Sketchbooks, a pack of 5 Twig Pencil Crayons, a single (large) roll of Doodle Washi Tape and a single Sketchbook Band. Offer the bundle as it comes, or use the tape to decorate the notebooks first. The choice is yours.

By offering these items as a bundle, we are able to price them much more competitively than buying them separately, so we can offer customers a considerable cost saving, making this bundle excellent value for money.

(Please note that the colour of the twig pencil crayon string and sketchbook band will be chosen by us to co-ordinate or complement each other).

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Weight 0.215 kg
Dimensions 15 x 11 x 8 cm
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