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    Funky Fish Kids Art Collage

    This is a really simple but versatile activity which is great for using up odd scraps of paper, whether it be pieces of painted paper, children’s discarded artwork, wrapping paper or even sweet wrappers. Apart from this, all you need is a Medium Circle Paper Punch (we actually used 2 for the different sized fish, measuring 1.5cm and 1cm), some glue and pieces of coloured or painted thin card for the fish base. It’s also a great ‘drop-in’ activity or collaborative project. Each child can choose a plain card fish and they can then create something of their own which can be combined as part of a larger group artwork. Perfect…

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    Collaged Door Sign

    This week we found yet another use for all those old comics and magazines we seem to accumulate – creating a collaged door sign. I’m not going to insult anyone’s intelligence by creating a ‘tutorial’ for this as I think it’s pretty self-explanatory really. The base was a piece of foam-board covered with coloured paper. The letters were cut out and glued a little haphazardly (I think it looks better that way) onto a piece of plain white paper whose edges I tore for decorative effect.  Overall I’m quite pleased with the finished result….     Alternatively you could glue the letters onto pieces of adhesive magnetic sheet to create…

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    Super-Hero Comic Collage

    Ever wondered what to do with a stack of old comics?  Why not try recycling them into a piece of comic collage artwork?  It’s really easy to create something effective, and you can produce them in whatever size you want.  Kids can also join in or create their own. All you need is a pair of scissors and some glue, and a pile of old comics. I created this one on a piece of mountboard so that I could frame it if I liked, but if you used spray mount (which is a non-permanent spray glue that won’t damage the paintwork when the artwork is eventually removed) you could apply…