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    The Art Wall Evolves….

    After a long, I might say unplanned break, I’m finally back and blogging again. I think that’s the longest break I’ve ever had, though I suspect more might be on their way as Christmas approaches. There has of course been lots happening behind the scenes, and hopefully I’ll have time to share some of the projects we’ve been up to, the new products we now have available, and other news before the madness starts. So I thought I’d start with an update on our Chalkboard Art Wall. This has been a really successful addition to our home – I don’t think I would ever be without a chalkboard wall now,…

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    Box Lid Frames

    I’m always on the looking for new cost-effective ways of displaying children’s artwork, and I recently devised this one.  I’m sure it’s not original, but I’m quite pleased with it nonetheless, so thought I would share it here.  It simply makes use of shallow boxes or box lids to act as a frame.  They need to be made of good quality, stiff board to look their most effective, and they can either be used as they come, or sprayed a different colour.  Likewise the inside face of the lid which will be visible on the wall,  can be either left the same colour as the edges or lined with a…

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    Create your own Fridge Frames

    This week  I’m going to focus on a project for making fridge frames for kids artwork.  So much of children’s artwork gets displayed on the fridge, and these frames are a simple way of presenting them more effectively.  You could make a range in different shapes and sizes, and of course they can also be used for displaying photos.  I should point out that this is not a project for children, though they can be involved in the final stages if you choose to decorate the frames. You will need Corrugated Card Spray Paint (you can use ordinary paint, but it is easier to use spray paint) Ruler Cutting Mat…