Artful Discoveries

On my travels around the internet I often come across really good art and craft ideas, or ideas that really appeal to me,

In view of the season, I thought I’d share a project which I came across at Glittering Shards for making these beautiful hanging mosaics using plastic bottle tops. They make lovely tree decorations, and they can be as simple or complex as you like. The original tutorial which I used can be found here.

I varied it slightly, in that I made just one hole in the plastic, and threaded a single piece of wire through, doubled back to form the loop. I also sprayed the lids gold to add a little more bling, though given that lots of milk bottles have red or green lids, this isn’t really necessary. We used beads, sequins and mini mosaic squares to create the designs.

The kids mosaics were rather more random, but they really enjoyed doing them, and wanted to do several. I wasn’t sure whether they weren’t a little too young for it at 6 and 4, but it was lovely to see them taking so much care over their creations. Of course I couldn’t resist having a go myself once the kids were safely out of the way!