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Creating Thank You Cards with Kids Artwork

It’s that time again – time to make thank you cards for the Christmas presents the boys received, and get them sent off. I have to say it seems to take us longer and longer to do this every year – but I at least, feel guilty if it’s not done, and it’s not really something I can or should do for them.

This year I persuaded my younger son to draw some pictures specially so that I could create some cards from them. This I thought might be easier than expecting them both to make a whole pile of cards, only for them to lose interest half way through, and at least the recipient would still get something personalised.

He was keen to do it, and soon produced a couple of drawings in felt-pen for me to use. However they were badly smudged (one of the potential down-sides of felt-tip pens) so I had to carry out the procedure which I normally do when ‘optimising’ artwork for Artful Kids customers, in order to tidy it all up and present the artwork at its best. The important thing when doing this is to respect the integrity of the original artwork as much as possible, by adding nothing, and as far as possible, only removing ‘unintentional’ marks and smudges (though trying to identify what is intentional and what is not with young children’s artwork can sometimes be quite difficult!



Having digitally cleaned away the smudges and brightened the image up a little, the whole picture looked a great deal better, so I printed the 2 designs onto thin card to make a series of cards.

Oh and in case you wanted to know, the pictures show a Firework Frog and an Everyday Frog (not especially Christmas themed, but he was in charge of subject matter).

Now all I have to do is try to persuade them both to write something inside!!