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Hand-Lettered Poster to Print out and Colour

I’ve been taking a bit of an unintentional blogging break since my last post – and I suspect there may be a few more to come. I’m sure I’ve said it before, but trying to juggle family life and chores along with running a business leaves a lot less time than I would like for purely creative projects. However I suspect that however much time I had, it would never be enough, as I find that the more creative projects I get involved in, the more ideas and projects my mind seems to generate.  It doesn’t help also that I’m one of those people who can never concentrate on a single technique or discipline, but wants to have a go at a million different things.

In the meantime my latest enthusiasm for hand-lettered artwork remains unabated, so I thought I’d share with you  my latest attempt as a colour-in printable. I created this originally as an A3 sized piece of work – but most people won’t be able to print that out for themselves, so I am offering it here as an A4 size printable instead. I printed mine out onto an antique style paper background, but it would be just as easy to ‘age’ the paper first with tea or coffee instead if you wanted to.



You can colour and embellish it any way you choose. I used felt-tip pens for mine, with the addition of some gold paint here and there to add some richness, but you could also further embellish the lettering if you liked, or add more decorative bits around the page.



It also looks quite good as a black and white drawing, or if you want a chalkboard effect, simply photograph or scan the black and white drawing in, and then reverse or invert the image using image editing software.



To get your own poster, just click on the image below, then right click to download the image. It looks best if printed out at high resolution on a good quality paper.

A Colour-in A4 poster to print out and use.


And finally, if you enjoy this, I also created a hand-lettered colour-in printable door hanger earlier, which you can find here.

(Copyright note – these printables are provided free for your own personal and non-commercial use. Please respect my copyright and do not re-distribute the templates).