Sweet Treats

One of the nicest, and simplest gifts to give, at any time of year, but especially at Christmas, are homemade sweet treats, whether they be chocolates, sweets or cookies. They’re also something that children can easily help to create. While  I wouldn’t describe myself as a great cook, I do have a very sweet tooth, and making this kind of thing as a gift gives me a wonderful excuse to indulge in making some of the gorgeous recipes I come across online.

But if you want your gift to look really good, and even more personal, then giving some thought to how your sweet treats are packaged is well worth while. If the gift is for a relative especially, this is another of those occasions when I tend to reach for the stack of kids artwork to provide the materials I need.

This year I created some simple ‘cracker’ packaging for the truffles we made. It was really easy to do:




  • Cut a kitchen roll tube in half, and wrap a few of the chocolates into a cylinder shaped package that will fit inside the tube, using coloured tissue paper.


  • Take an A4 sheet of artwork, and trim the short edges with pinking shears to form a decorative edge.


  • Wrap the sheet lengthwise around the half kitchen roll tube, so that it covers the tube with enough overlap to glue in place, and trim. Use glue or double-sided tape along the full width of the sheet of paper to hold it in place.


  • Pinch in the paper at one end of the tube, and tie with ribbon to hold it.


  • Add your package of chocolates, and then do the same at the other end.


Alternatively, and even simpler, you can create your own special packaging for a bar of shop-bought chocolate, either by replacing the whole wrapping, or simply replacing the outer paper sleeve.




Now I just have to stop myself from eating them before Christmas!