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Tissue Paper Valentines

Sometimes the old favourites are the best. This project uses a familiar, one might even say classic, technique of children’s artwork, to create something that looks a lot more sophisticated. I actually made these cards (along with a whole bunch of others) a month or two ago, but decided to hold them back because they weren’t particularly Christmassy. I will share some of the others too at a later date.

The cards are created by taking tiny ripped up pieces of tissue paper, and scrunching them into miniature balls. The balls are then glued in place, either singly or packed tightly together to form a picture, depending upon what you’re creating. Added detail is provided with pen and ink. I thought the tiny scrunched up balls looked rather like peonies or rosebuds, which is what sparked the whole thing off.

A single rose, or a bunch of 12 red roses makes the simplest Valentine card. I like minimal!




This is of course a project that can be done with children, though you might want to use larger tissue paper balls. My 5 year old did his own tissue paper picture, working alongside me at the same time.You can probably tell he had no help or guidance with this – he wanted to do it his own way (as he usually does) and I was happy to let him. I haven’t a clue what it is, and he didn’t enlighten me, but he was very proud of it, and it now graces his bedroom wall.



You can check out my Valentine’s card from last year here

More Valentines projects coming up in the next couple of weeks.