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    Gorgeous Glue & Glitter Cards

    This project is simple in the extreme – but for me the best projects are always those that provide fantastic results with the minimum of effort. To create these glitter notecards (they could equally well be bookmarks or gift tags, depending on how you cut them up) I used a stiff black card, which needs to be stiff enough to resist buckling when wet. You can of course use any colour card you wish, and I found that using the same colour glitter as the card base to create a white on white design for example or black on black looked especially stylish. While you could use glitter glue to…

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    Even More Tissue Paper Cards

    Just a quick post this week since the kids are off school for half term, and keeping me busy, so I thought I’d share a few more of the Tissue Paper cards which I made a little while ago. I think this technique lends itself particularly well to flower and foliage motifs, as you can see.       They’re pretty self-explanatory, but if you want to find out more about them, check out my earlier post for the Valentine Tissue Paper Cards.  

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    Tissue Paper Valentines

    Sometimes the old favourites are the best. This project uses a familiar, one might even say classic, technique of children’s artwork, to create something that looks a lot more sophisticated. I actually made these cards (along with a whole bunch of others) a month or two ago, but decided to hold them back because they weren’t particularly Christmassy. I will share some of the others too at a later date. The cards are created by taking tiny ripped up pieces of tissue paper, and scrunching them into miniature balls. The balls are then glued in place, either singly or packed tightly together to form a picture, depending upon what you’re…

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    Father’s Day Cards

    There’s not long to go now until Father’s Day, so we (or perhaps on this occasion I should say ‘I’) have been busy creating in readiness.  This time I have produced a basic colouring sheet that can be used to create a simple A4 size card, which can be decorated however you like, depending on the age of the child.  I’ve also produced a smaller ‘DAD’ version, which older children might prefer.  These can be found below – just click on each image to open it up then right click to download. DaddyTemplate Dad Template I used gel pens to embellish and decorate the lettering itself, because I wanted detail…

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    Using Kids Artwork

    Today I was having a conversation with an acquaintance about children’s artwork and the service that Artful Kids provides. Many people comment that the finished result makes a good gift idea for grandparents, and she announced on hearing this that she didn’t think her parents would appreciate it because they have ‘proper art’ on their walls. I was genuinely shocked at this attitude, which may or may not have reflected the attitude of her parents, and thought that it was actually quite sad and insulting to children. Why is children’s artwork not considered to be ‘proper art’? Surely it is the way it is presented or regarded that determines how…