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Botanical Papers – Part 2

So, you’ve scanned in your plant material and created your botanical wrapping paper and tags, but what else can you do with those scanned images? If you have access to some digital photography software it’s really easy to use those images to create some special writing paper. To create the wrapping paper below, I cropped a detail from the original scanned image, and enlarged it to A4 size (you could just as easily make it A5 if you wanted smaller paper). I then made the image semi-transparent by reducing the opacity to about 40% of the original (the actual level varied for each image).



To accompany the writing paper, I also made some envelopes from the gift-wrap sheets, making the decorated side of the paper the inside of the envelope. There are loads of templates for making envelopes to be found on the internet, in all shapes and sizes. The paper and envelopes together would make a lovely low-cost and individual gift idea. You might even give it an appropriate matching scent, by putting a drop or 2 of essential oil on a piece of cotton-wool, and then sealing it up with a few sheets of paper in a plastic bag for a few weeks.




Back soon with some rather more child-friendly projects!