Chalkboard Stones

There’s definitely a trend for all things chalkboard at the moment, and it’s a trend that I love. After completing my chalkboard gallery wall last year, I had a little bit of paint left over, ideal for small projects but nothing more. So far I’ve used it to paint chalkboard labels onto my kitchen storage jars, and now I have used a bit more for this project to create a new twist on a classic children’s art activity.We needed a small gift for the boys to make for their father’s birthday, so I decided to use some of the larger stones I collected from the beach last year to create some personalised paperweights. I thought it would make a great ‘canvas’ for a special message or small picture. Painted stones are always popular with kids – for some reason there’s just something inherently satisfying about them.




We painted some of the stones all over with the chalkboard paint, while others I thought were just too beautiful in their texture and colour to cover completely, so I just painted part of the front of these. After the boys had painted them I went over them myself quickly to even out the brush strokes so that the surface of the stone would be completely smooth, and easier to draw or write on.

Of course if you want whatever you write or draw on your chalkboard stone to last any length of time, while also allowing it to be changed occasionally, then chalk itself or ordinary paint are both impractical. So instead, we used chalkboard pens. These don’t smudge so easily as actual chalk, but can be washed off with soap and water if  need be. They also work well as pens on any dark surface such as black paper.




As you can see below, we made several in the end – you can perhaps tell which ones I did! I’ve actually found them quite handy so far for weighting down paper which has been rolled, etc. so they really are useful as well as decorative.