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Creative Mess Door Hangers

It’s been such a long time since I last posted anything here. The combination of a 2 week camping holiday in France, an astonishingly long heatwave here in the UK, the kids being off school, and a sudden glut of commissions for children’s wall art products have all combined to keep me away, so as it has been quite a long time since I last offered a free printable on here, I thought I would add something which you might find a use for.  Creativity and mess often seem to go hand in hand – well they certainly do for me – once I’m in a state of creative flow, being tidy is the very last thing on my mind – so these door hangers offer fair warning to other perhaps unsuspecting members of the household when you or the kids (or both) are in the middle of a creative session! I’ve added the lettering to some watercolour backgrounds which were very easy and lots of fun to produce using the watercolour spray ink I’m still pretty addicted to!

I’ve really got into hand-lettering of late – there’s a lot of it about at the moment, I suppose  in reaction to the easy availability of digital fonts. I love the spontaneity and quirkiness of the hand-drawn, its very imperfection. I’ve added several options for you here, depending on your own level of enthusiasm. So there is a ready made version that you can just print off, cut out and use, there’s a blank ‘colour-in’ version, so you can customise the lettering yourself without having to actually draw it, or if you’re feeling especially adventurous or creative, there’s a version complete with ready made background which you can add your own lettering to. Just click on the link below the thumbnail image you’re interested in, to download the full image. They work best printed onto thin card, though I found that the ready made one especially looked good printed onto a printable watercolour paper. The hanging hole should be large enough to go over most door handles, but if not you can always cut a slit at one side.

I’m sure I don’t need to add that these are provided for your own personal use at home – please don’t redistribute them yourself. To make your own, just click on the image you want below, then right-click to download. I hope you enjoy them!


A ready to use version of the door hanger