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    Creative Mess Door Hangers

    It’s been such a long time since I last posted anything here. The combination of a 2 week camping holiday in France, an astonishingly long heatwave here in the UK, the kids being off school, and a sudden glut of commissions for children’s wall art products have all combined to keep me away, so as it has been quite a long time since I last offered a free printable on here, I thought I would add something which you might find a use for.  Creativity and mess often seem to go hand in hand – well they certainly do for me – once I’m in a state of creative flow,…

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    Watercolour Spray Inks

    Ever since I first heard about watercolour sprays, I’ve been wanting to try them out. The ones you can buy ready-made are I discovered quite expensive, so I decided to create my own using the new powdered water-colour inks I’ve recently treated myself to. That way I can control the dilution I want, mix the colours, and be much more extravagant with them as they are so economical to use. So, I mixed up my inks, and bought some travel sized spray bottles to put them in. There are quite a lot of  posts around the internet at the moment for using spray paints with kids, more particularly using trigger…