The Little Factory of Illustration

It seems like reviews are a bit like buses on here at the moment – none for months and months, then 3 turn up at once. This was another case of an unusual and attractive product that seemed entirely appropriate for Artful Adventures to review. However I promise that the next post will not be a review of any kind, as I am now getting creativity withdrawal symptoms and am desperate to make the time for another project!



The Little Factory of Illustration is described as a ‘Picture and Activity Book’ and is published by Tate Publishing. The book was written by Florie Saint-Val, and translated from the original french by Sarah Ardizzone. I have to admit I wasn’t at all surprised to learn that the book was originally French, because it has that quirky, stylish, and at times almost surreal look that is often a characteristic of French design for children.



There was no age guidance given, but in practice it seemed about right for my 7 year old, as he was able to both read the book himself, and enjoy the various games and activities within it. Children a little younger I think could also use it with some help. The book itself has a quality feel – being hardback with stiff , matt paper, and bright, colourful illustrations.

We found that the creative activities within the book were fun, imaginative and open-ended, offering children the chance to explore different art techniques within the context of the story, while creating a lasting ‘portfolio’ which also enhances and gives meaning to the completed book.



As well as the creative activities offered on the pages of the book itself, 3 additional games and activities are made available in a pocket at the back, including a decorative butterfly mobile to assemble, a variation on the theme of dominoes and a series of shapes for creating your own pictures.



It would make a lovely gift for a creative child, and certainly helped while away the afternoon for a rather poorly 7 year old stuck at home while his friends were out enjoying the sunshine.


Disclosure: I was given a free copy of the book to review. The link included is an affiliate link.