Get Creative with QR Codes

I’ve been adding QR codes recently to some of our business stationery and marketing materials, and being struck by their creative potential for hidden ‘secret’ messages and creativity, decided to experiment a bit. QR codes are very easy to create and download, and you can have them link to a webpage, a special photograph or piece of artwork you have uploaded somewhere, or simply reveal a line of text when scanned. When it comes to text, the shorter and simpler the information, the simpler and bolder the QR code created will be.

I found that when printed at a reasonable size, the QR code becomes a piece of artwork – either in stark black and white, or a canvas for further embellishment. However it’s important to bear in mind when embellishing that it’s best to do so with colour that is not too dark in tonality, so as not to confuse the scanner. Scanning software for your phone can also be downloaded free of charge.

To create the QR codes I used:

The scanner app I downloaded for my phone was: QR Droid Private (for Android)

So, how to use your QR artwork? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use them for personalised cards that are both decorative and meaningful.



  • Use them on gifts as tags,stamps or seals.





  • Print onto card and use a postcard mobile to display.
  • Use as part of a scavenger hunt.
  • Mount onto a block of wood for a piece of desk art or as a paperweight for a loved one, with a personal message.
  • Make a colourful set of coasters with hidden messages.
  • Create a banner with several colourful QR flags, containing a series of messages, or individual lines of a short verse.
  • Create a series of square mini-canvases.
  • Create an interactive book of colourful messages for use with children.
  • Create a colour in poster for kids.
  • Scan your finished coloured-in QR code and have it applied to a mug or T-shirt.
  • Make unique ‘business’ or calling cards – (you can also create QR codes with contact details on).



  • Make a decorative book mark as a small meaningful gift.


These are just a few ideas – I’m sure you can think of lots more!!