Create your own Fridge Frames

This week  I’m going to focus on a project for making fridge frames for kids artwork.  So much of children’s artwork gets displayed on the fridge, and these frames are a simple way of presenting them more effectively.  You could make a range in different shapes and sizes, and of course they can also be used for displaying photos.  I should point out that this is not a project for children, though they can be involved in the final stages if you choose to decorate the frames.

You will need

  • Corrugated Card
  • Spray Paint (you can use ordinary paint, but it is easier to use spray paint)
  • Ruler
  • Cutting Mat (not essential, but helpful)
  • Scissors
  • Scalpel (not essential but useful)
  • Repositionable Spray Glue
  • Pencil
  • Stiff paper
  • Stiff card (thin packaging card is ideal)
  • Adhesive Magnetic tape

1.  Fold a piece of paper the size of your finished frame into quarters.

2.  Create your template by drawing one quarter of your design for the frame onto the folded paper, then cutting around the outline of the design.

3.  Unfold the paper and place it onto the smooth side of the piece of corrugated card you are using for the frame – some spray glue will help to keep it in place. (see illustration)

4.  Cut round the design with scissors, then remove the paper template.

5.  Place a piece of paper the size of the intended artwork for framing (e.g. A4) in the centre of the frame, and using it as a guide, make marks about 1cm in from the corners (see illustration).  Rule, and then using a scalpel, cut between the marked lines to create the frame aperture.  The card removed from the centre can be used later to create a smaller frame if you like.

6.  Depending on the size of your frame and the thickness of the card, you may need to support it by cutting a second identical frame out of a thin packaging card .  (I found that some of the Amazon book packaging was idea l for this, when creating small frames and that with plain card it was easier to use a scalpel).  Be warned – cutting complex shapes like the large gold one is quite hard work!

7.  Glue the 2 frames together.  Make sure you make the aperture of the supporting frame slightly larger.
Spray paint the corrugated front of the frame – you will need more than one coat of paint to cover the corrugated frame effectively.

8.  Once dry, cut strips of the magnetic tape, and apply to the back of the frame (see illustration).

9.  If you wish, the frame can be further decorated in any way you choose – simple foam shapes are ideal for this, stuck on with glue dots – I used off-cuts of corrugated paper for this, some which I had painted, and some metallic pieces which I already had.
For the larger gold frame I added a small piece of card sprayed with the same gold paint as the frame itself, and printed out a piece of paper with the words ‘Masterpiece of the Week’ to trim and stick onto it.  The card was then applied to the bottom of the frame using foam sticky pads.