Window Art

I came across window crayons for the first time recently.  I don’t know how long these have been around, but they appealed to me and they weren’t especially expensive, so I thought we’d try some out.  The idea of drawing on the windows really appealed to my boys (and to me if truth be told), so almost as soon as they arrived, they were out of their packet.  The Crayola Window Crayons that we used come in a pack of just 5 colours (I’d have liked a few more really) but there was enough to give a really good effect.  The finished result really came into its own when the early evening sun came shining through the windows.

Artwork created with Window Crayons

A word of warning – this is a potentially messy activity, as the crayons are very soft and leave a residue on your fingers, and unavoidably kids end up with it all over their hands.  Make sure you protect surfaces around (especially the window sill) that curtains are hung out of reach, and that hands are washed straight away after finishing.  In spite of my best efforts, I ended up with grubby marks on the walls and window sill, it wipes away easily from gloss and silk finish paintwork, but not so easily from matt finishes, I found.  But having said, they were such fun to use, and the finished effect so good, that I was willing to put up with a bit of mess!

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