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    Gorgeous Glue & Glitter Cards

    This project is simple in the extreme – but for me the best projects are always those that provide fantastic results with the minimum of effort. To create these glitter notecards (they could equally well be bookmarks or gift tags, depending on how you cut them up) I used a stiff black card, which needs to be stiff enough to resist buckling when wet. You can of course use any colour card you wish, and I found that using the same colour glitter as the card base to create a white on white design for example or black on black looked especially stylish. While you could use glitter glue to…

  • glitter-pinecones

    Glue, Glitter & Pinecones

    I’m sure everyone has made glittery pinecones before at some time or another – after all they’re not rocket science, but the idea is so simple, and we had so many pinecones that my elder son had collected, that I thought we’d make some.  We have a very minimal, artificial twiggy tree, so I thought they’d look good hung on that, though I think they would also look good either individually or grouped together in a bowl, as table decorations (a considerably cheaper alternative to Kirsty’s gilded pears, if anyone watched her Handmade Christmas!) I thought it was a simple enough activity for my 3 and 5 year olds to…